Living in Mexico? . . . Why would a "Gringo" do that?

Living in Mexico . . . Why would a "Gringo" do that?

Actually, it's very Simple. This is where we Choose to Travel, Play, Work, Live & Enjoy our Life! Check it out! Puerto Penasco is a great place to call Home!
~ Russ Black

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My girl Naomi is a very talented lady.  She has a long history of being a seamstress, since moving to Mexico her work has turned into wearable art.  She has a great vision and her creations bring a smile to your face.  If you like fine things, you will like following her activities!
Source: via Naomi on Pinterest

Well since we live only a few minutes to the beautiful waters of the Sea of Cortes' Naomi and I decided to take our cooking utensils and prepare something really special for dinner.  We made lobsters and baked potatoes and hung out in the water for the afternoon it was wonderful.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Had a great weekend here in Puerto Peñasco.  Saturday night was the Tequila Festival the first of many to come here.  We had Mariachis and Tequila, dancers and Tequila, food and Tequila, oh and we had bacanora too.  If you havent tried bacanora, you should.  it is made pretty much the same way as Tequila but uses a different plant than the Blue Agave, it uses the Maguey plant a derivative of the Agave.

The music was intense, we had bands from Caborca, Hermosillo and singers from Peñasco joining in.  It was a great event and I for one am looking forward to the next one!