Living in Mexico? . . . Why would a "Gringo" do that?

Living in Mexico . . . Why would a "Gringo" do that?

Actually, it's very Simple. This is where we Choose to Travel, Play, Work, Live & Enjoy our Life! Check it out! Puerto Penasco is a great place to call Home!
~ Russ Black

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 2012 is here!

We made it through another humid August here where the desert meets the sea of Cortes!.  Although the highs here in the town of Peñasco only reach into the mid nineties whereas places like Phoenix are over 100 degrees, it feels much hotter here.  The relative humidity is super high in August and the first part of September.  Theres only a few options to beat this heat.
1. Stay inside where the a/c is on
2. Grab an ice chest and head to the ocean.

Some of the folks who live here dont have a/c so option 2 is their best bet.  They flock to the ocean with kids in tow at least every Friday Saturday and Sunday.  The ocean provides immediate relief and it is a lot of fun too!  This pic was taken Sept 2nd 2012 at the head of Cholla Bay.

Other folks have their own ideas of how to cool down. Instead of cooling down the outside of their body, they prefer to cool down from the inside out like this group of guys at JJ's Cantina on Sunday.  Whatever way you decide it it sure to bring some relief.  The heat this year will be all gone by the 3rd or 4th week of September.  But by January we will all be saying "man I wish it was August again"

Be cool wherever you are.

Have fun and come see us in your favorite beach town in Mexico!
Salud!  Russ