Living in Mexico? . . . Why would a "Gringo" do that?

Living in Mexico . . . Why would a "Gringo" do that?

Actually, it's very Simple. This is where we Choose to Travel, Play, Work, Live & Enjoy our Life! Check it out! Puerto Penasco is a great place to call Home!
~ Russ Black

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Our business Penasco Recreation in the states and our Mexican corporation Penasco Recreation SA de CV are both tools that we use for promoting Travel and Living in Mexico.  

Our promotion of Mexico started with Penasco RV Club. This first business was a Caravan company in which our intent was to encourage RV travelers to cross the border without trepidation or the uncomfortable feeling of just not knowing what was involved.  We did simple 5-day Introductory trip to Puerto Penasco.  We soon added  trips to Kino Bay, San Carlos and onto the Copper Canyon.

We even organized and designed specialty trips for RV Clubs.  We organized several trips for the Freightliner’s Club. One to Puerto Penasco and then a second trip to the Copper Canyon.  Each itinerary was designed to their specific  requests.  We also put together a trip that we called “Mexico Autentico” which was for the Life on Wheels RV Club. This trip was for people who wanted to experience REAL Mexico — “Off the Beaten Path”!  Their vehicles got a bit of a workout driving down rougher roads to visit remote, small towns and we camped in funky dry-dock areas — such as the town square in downtown Caborca and a family Water park in the middle of Hermosillo! 

We actually closed this Caravan company when it became successful!  That may seem silly, but we had always said that we would not do it when it “wasn’t fun anymore”. The stress of traveling with a growing family, the ever-changing highway conditions in parts of Mexico along with several over-demanding or just plain scary clients had worn out the “fun factor”!

But our love of the country and of traveling across it and exploring new places continues. In 2004, we took a 17-day family road trip as far as Guanajuato, Mexico.  And in 2007, we took another family with us and drove as far as Mexico City, boldly driving our 15 passenger van into the very heart of downtown!  

Penasco Recreation presents…
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And when I get there on the beach I just can’t sit inside,
So, Ill Jump in the RussBus and take a real fun ride.”


“Travel is the only thing
that you can buy that makes you richer.”