Living in Mexico? . . . Why would a "Gringo" do that?

Living in Mexico . . . Why would a "Gringo" do that?

Actually, it's very Simple. This is where we Choose to Travel, Play, Work, Live & Enjoy our Life! Check it out! Puerto Penasco is a great place to call Home!
~ Russ Black

About MexicoRuss

I love Mexico.
I enjoy traveling in Mexico!

From Puerto Penasco to Mexico City.
From Rosarito Beach to Monterrey.
From the Copper Canyon and its Tarahumara Indians to the Belles Artes Theater in Mexico City. 
Guanajuato & Queretero.
With My Kids in Guanajuato,  2004
Guadalajara, Tequila & Mazatlan. 

This is a good life: 

Traveling in Mexico
Travel in Mexico has been our passion for 29 years. Russ always talks about how his dad told him that he would  take him fishing in Guaymas some day. Russ didn’t know where that was, but  he knew it was in Mexico and it sounded like a great trip. He never got to go with his dad, but the story created in him the yearning to explore Mexico. Our first trip to Mexico was ATC-riding and camping. We were newly married and it was a fun adventure.We came to Puerto Penasco for a long weekend with friends and spent the weekend out on the dunes riding and jumping in the estuary when it got too hot. 

Soon we were back, sometimes, “dry camping” in tents on Sandy Beach where there was not a condo to be seen! And, as time went on with babies in tote, camping became overwhelming and we found rentals and hotels. In time, we bought our Spartan trailer and transformed it into our beach house on wheels. This trailer still had the vaguely discernable words “National Geographic Photographic Unit” printed on the door.  And for a time had the designation of being the longest running Spartan trailer still on the road.     

One evening, sitting on the beach watching the sunset, we decided that we must make these frequent trips to Penasco a business write-off! Our first slightly unrealistic thought was to open a Bed and Breakfast; this soon evolved into bringing people in their RV’s across the border as an introductory tip to Mexico. We had no clue that RV Caravan Clubs existed and that we were not inventing this concept! However, we soon learned all about the RV Caravan business and opened Penasco RV Club.  And expanded our trips beyond Penasco to Guaymas, San Carlos, Kino Bay, and then onto the Copper Canyon.  We operated for about 7 years; and actually chose to close the company because it had become ‘too successful’ and had become too demanding on our family.  

Our most recent trips include a family road trip to  Guanajuato in 2004 and a road trip to Mexico City in 2007 with friends. We have discovered such wonderful destinations in Mexico! Such as Alamos and El Fuerte, Mazatlan, San Blas, Guadalajara, Tequila, Queretaro, Guanajuato and Mexico City.  Today, we also live in Puerto Penasco.  


Easy Shrimp on the Beach

This recipe is one way to quickly prepare shrimp for easy transport to the beach!  It is wonderful to eat and has an easy clean-up at the beach!  It is our favorite for a light dinner at sunset on any beach!

10-12 small shrimp per serving (shelled, deveined & cleaned)
Fresh garlic – several cloves fore each serving 
Seasonings (of your choice: Cajun, salt, pepper or chili are options)
Tabasco sauce
Lemons – sliced 
White rice

To have ready to take to the beach:
Small grill, tongs, serving spoon, paper plates, 
plastic forks, drinks, etc.   

Before You Go:
Cut two foil squares for each serving that you are preparing.
On a counter, lay out one of each of the foil squares – saving 2nd sheet.   
In the center of each foil square place the 10-12 small shrimp.  Next place on the shrimp pile about 1-2 tablespoons of butter, seasonings as desired, squeeze the  lemon slices slightly over the shrimp and then lay them on the pile, add 2 cloves of garlic (after smashing each clove with a knife to release flavor). Sprinkle Tabasco sauce over each pile of shrimp.
Fold the foil over the pile completely Next, using 2nd foil square, lay folded foil face down on the 2nd foil square and fold over in such a way to tightly seal in the butter as it melts.
Place foil packets in a small ice chest for your trip to the beach.

Next: Prepare rice as directed on package at home. Keep warm in covered pan with a large towel wrapped tightly around it.

Now you are ready!  Head to your favorite beach. Light your grill.   
Grill the packets, moving them around the grill so as to cook evenly. Depending on the fire, it may take 10-15 minutes.   
Open one foil packet to check for doneness.

Serve the shrimp over the rice.   
Enjoy the sunset!

Grilling on the Beach