Living in Mexico? . . . Why would a "Gringo" do that?

Living in Mexico . . . Why would a "Gringo" do that?

Actually, it's very Simple. This is where we Choose to Travel, Play, Work, Live & Enjoy our Life! Check it out! Puerto Penasco is a great place to call Home!
~ Russ Black

Monday, July 2, 2012

One of our favorite seasons of the year is -----summer.

Yes its hot and can get a bit sticky but if you know how you can stay pretty cool.

One morning we decided that it was time to put the jrt ski in and make some needed repairs that had to be done on the water.  So we drove from our house 10 minutes to the local marina in town.  We put her in the water and lifted the hood and with in a few minutes several young men came over and asked how they could help us.  I was totally impressed when they jumped right in to help fix a rather un-obvious (to me) cooling problem.  After a few minutes we put it to the test.  This pic is Naomi cruising at high speeds to make sure all is well.  It was.  What a great day of riding.

Naomi hitting it hard!
Later we decided to crash on the beach around sunset and grill some locally purchased lobsters.  No they dont come from here exactly but the are available.

Life is good!